Wednesday, January 22, 2014

John and Gayle in London

John enjoying some tasty fish and chips

My friend John admits he's a huge fan of fish and chips.  I suppose it's hard to get really fresh fish living in a land-locked state like Utah, although perhaps easier nowadays than ever before.  His trip to England was a chance to indulge himself.  He claims he ordered fish and chips whenever he had the chance.

I am reminded of a trip to England I took many years ago, where my friend Robin and I opted to have some fish and chips at a little hole-in-the-wall establishment in Southern England.  We'd been visiting castles throughout Henry the Fifth's Cinque Ports, so it might have been in the City of  Deal, although to tell you the truth, I can't remember with any certainty.  

Anyway, that evening we were delighted with one of the tastiest meals I've ever had.  It came, as really excellent fish and chips often do, hot and wrapped in newspaper.  We unrolled our meals to discover an entire fish had been prepared for each of us.  It was perfectly cooked and delicious, with crispy fries (the chips) as the simple accompaniment.

Today, whenever I think of fish and chips, I think of that moment in time, with that perfectly  - and simply - prepared fish and potato dish, from a totally anonymous little shop on the borders of a large residential section in a small English village.

It set the bar for fish and chips for me forever.

As well as indulging in fish and chips, John and Gayle took time to see the comedy "The 39 Steps" while in London.  They really enjoyed it.

Theatre in Britain is wonderful.  They have a long tradition of stage excellence, as well as fish and chips excellence.

Hmmmm.... fish and chips....

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