Thursday, January 9, 2014

Elder Anders on the Jazz

Elder Anders and Elder Nelson at the Provo Temple
I can't believe he's already been in Texas a month!
Well, I've been hearing from my nephew Anders, who is currently serving as a Latter-day Saint (Mormon) Missionary in the wilds of Texas.  He seems to have weathered the holidays just fine.  I was a bit worried, as it was his first time away from home, but he's been so positive and upbeat in all his letters that I realized quickly I had nothing to worry about.

Elder Anders spent a few weeks in the Missionary Training Center (MTC) prior to leaving for his area of service. While there he was assigned a 'companion', an Elder Nelson, with whom he got along famously, and got into the missionary mode quickly.

Elder Anders was on the Provo, Utah temple grounds when the above photo was taken.  He looks like he's catching flies, but there is a great photo-bomber behind him, so what can I say?  They're young kids. They're goofy.  They're a little crazy.

I love them.

These are good kids who are seriously trying to change the world for the better, one person at a time.


So reads the sign on every Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  I love seeing that!  It always thrills me.  In temples we learn about our relationship to God and His Plan for us.  This is the good news of the restored gospel that missionaries are teaching all over the world.

The Provo, Utah temple.
I attended ground breaking ceremonies for this temple while I was an undergraduate at BYU.
Photo: Wikipedia
At the Missionary Training Center (MTC), everyone is divided up into companionships of 2, and into Districts consisting of several companionships.  This is a photo of Elder Anders' District.  I assume these young men were all headed for English speaking areas of service, if not to Texas, as Anders was.

Elder Anders' District at the MTC
I tried sharpening up the focus on the above photo, but it's just off.  Sorry about that!  I take what I can get! According to Elder Anders, the young man in the middle of the group was one of their instructors.

When Elder Anders arrived in Texas, he was greeted by his mission president and assigned another companion.  This one is a "Senior" companion, who has been out in the field for a while and 'knows the ropes', so to speak.  

Since Anders is new, this young man, Elder Boetcher, is considered his trainer.

Elder Boetcher and Elder Anders
So far, Elder Anders reports things have been going well.  They've had lots of opportunities to teach, and for service.

The army of the Lord marches on in Texas!

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