Thursday, January 16, 2014

Hong Kong at Christmas Time

Avenue of the Stars
I sure hope it's not too late to post more Christmas photos.  I mean, we're only 10 days past Epiphany, right?

You see, I asked my friend Jonathan, who is currently living in Hong Kong, what it was like there at Christmas?  To my delight, he sent me these lovely pictures of the beautiful Christmas lights there!

The Clock Tower
Hong Kong really seems like a magical place.

A Hong Kong Shopping Mall
I love the shopping mall lights.  How beautiful!

Here is another view where you can see the masses of people out enjoying the evening.

This is the Hong Kong Harbor
 Jonathan said the photos didn't really do the big buildings justice, as they were all brightly lit for the season.  He tried a few more times to capture it for us.

This shot (above) gives you a better idea.  I love how the colors stripe the seawater in the harbor!

The tall building there in the middle is the IFC building.

Beautiful colors!

This was a live concert, but Jonathan didn't say who was playing (or singing)
Okay, now we see who the singers are!  It's Santa and Santa's entourage!

Santa made an appearance!
 Jonathan said he had no idea that the real Santa was really Asian and rather skinny!

Shopping Mall Tsim Sha Tsui
 That tree is rather spectacular, don't you think?

The Ferry Pier at Tsim Sha Tsui
The ferry pier looks a bit dark.  However, I think I see someone wearing a Santa hat in the lower middle right.. see it?

The area around the harbor is pretty wild.  These buildings look like big Las Vegas-style casinos!  Maybe they are!

There are so many people!  It makes me feel claustrophobic just seeing some of these photos.

I love this last photo.  Doesn't it evoke magical stories in your mind?
A junk with colorful red sails graces the waters of the harbor
 I hope you've enjoyed this little visit to Hong Kong at Christmas.  I'm so glad Jonathan shared with us!

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