Friday, January 17, 2014

Jack, the Bagged Cat

This is my cat Jack being adorable
Okay, I admit it.  I love my cat.  He's soft and cuddly and totally cute.  He's also a macho kind of guy with a an odd sense of humor and a curiosity about how things work that I find endearing.

Like most all cats, Jack loves paper bags.

Inspecting the bag from Trader Joe's
I'm not sure what it is about paper bags, but to cats, apparently, they are the bomb.

Well, what's not to love?  They are perfect for hiding in, lightweight, movable, and they make nice, satisfying, crackly noises.

Once I put a bag in the living room, Jack will immediately get into it.

Maybe it's a feline law of some kind:  Yea and verily, thou shalt play with -  and in - paper bags all the days of thy life for the amusement of thine human!

Taste testing the bag
Of course, Jack also has to taste test the bag.  Cardboard is evidently yummy.  He didn't reply when I asked him how it tasted.  Too busy chewing, no doubt.

Popping out of the bag
"Jack!  Stand still!  This is not a video recording.  It's STILL photography! That means you have to stay STILL! Jack!  Jack!" (Sigh.)

It's a lost cause trying to get a cat to strike a pose, although we came pretty close in the above photo.

I left the room then, and when I returned, Jack's stuffed animal, Mr. Kitty, was occupying the bag.  He was no doubt a place saver... Jack had even thoughtfully provided one of his toys for Mr. Kitty to play with.

No, I did not stage this.  Jack did it all himself.
Jack played with Mr. Kitty in the bag for a while, then went in search of treats.

At least I thought that was what he was doing.  To my total surprise, Jack ignored his food dish - which was on the table, and sat watching the news on TV for at least a minute or two!

I couldn't figure out what was so interesting to him.  There wasn't a lot of movement.  There also weren't any big splotches of color, laser pointers, or singing.

I mean, I have had kitties in the past, for example, who loved the Muppets. They would be mesmerized whenever the Muppet Show came on.  I blamed it on the bright colors, the movements and the silly voices, but let's face it, who doesn't love the Muppets?

Jack watching the KTLA Morning News
 Jack is not a big TV watcher, so this interest in the morning news surprised me.  Maybe he'll tell me why some day.  (I secretly think he has a crush on Jessica Holmes!)

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