Friday, January 31, 2014

Jack and the Banana

My Sweet Jack and his Banana

It all started with a catnip filled banana.

Jack's Aunt Jackie brought it to me at our big Holiday Party on Saturday to give to Jack.  It was a really nice thing for her to do.  She loves her little Lucky, who is Jack's sweet sister.  The catnip banana was a special treat from Lucky and Aunt Jackie just for my Jack.

I hurried up and slipped it into my purse, which was on the bed in the master bedroom, because I didn't want to lose it.  Jack's brother Leo happened to be in the bedroom at the time. I chatted with him a little bit.  I told him that Jack was doing great and said "HI", you know, the usual.

Leo was watching me intently the whole time.

Jack's brother Leo was watching me
Now, both Jack's brothers, Leo and Piper, were adopted by my friend Mark, so I am privileged to see all the family from time to time.  It's been fun to watch them grow and develop into very different personalities.

May I add that Leo and Piper, since they live together, often get into a lot of trouble together, too!

 They are hooligans.
Very sweet and funny hooligans, but hooligans, none the less.

When I got home from the party, I told Jack I had something special for him that his Aunt Jackie had given to me.

Then, I started to go through my stuff from the party.  Jack helped.

First, we took everything out of the bag.

Jack even did a thorough sniff test.  It yielded no results!
Then, we put everything back in.

We looked around.

And, as Jack continued his very careful examination of the tote bag I'd brought home with me, I started going through my purse.

The Banana Catnip Toy was NOWHERE TO BE FOUND!

Jack kept looking because he knew it was for him and he knew it was a cool toy.

He just didn't want to give up.

Jack even got into the tote to see if he could find his present.
It was a tight fit.
He did everything he could to help search.  It was to no avail!

All to no avail
Jack was sad.  I was sad.

Then suddenly I remembered... Leo!


I wrote a quick email to Leo's Dad.  I briefly told him the story and then I said, "Now, I'm not accusing your cat child of stealing, I'm just saying the temptation may have been too great..."

Mark replied, "I'm not saying that any of my kids did anything... But, when I got home tonight, I found a banana wrapped in chewed on plastic."


Leo had stolen the catnip banana out of my purse that night, the little stinker!  My guess is he nabbed it as soon as I left the room.

Leo, the culprit!
When I told Jack's Aunt Jackie about this situation, she was so kind. She immediately sent Jack another catnip banana in the mail.

When Jack got it the following day, he was overjoyed!

I got a banana!
Sorry these are blurry, they were ACTION SHOTS.
 Jack loved


The banana catnip toy is now full of cat spit.  It has been dragged all over the carpet.

I think Jack has forgiven his brother for stealing his toy.  What do you think?

As Aunt Jackie remarked, "That Kitty Pot is a pretty potent temptation!"  

I think I'm going to have a little talk about catnip with my nephew Leo the next time I see him!


Marybeth said...

Too funny!

PapaJohn said...

Named Jack O'Neill after the Stargate guy? Or the inventor of the wet suit??