Wednesday, January 15, 2014

An Irish Walk Part 2

The caves in the cliff at Donegal Bay

The sign says "You are here" - wish it were true!

Lisa's gnome friends came along for the journey!  Squatsie and Shotsie enjoyed the view of the bay from their perch on the fence.

So, would you want to take a hike such as this?  It looks a bit cold and foggy in these photos!

And then we leave the highlands to go down to the valley below and civilization:

Wonder if the fishing is good?
Well, maybe not a lot of civilization...

What a beautiful area!

Okay, finally some evidence of mankind and civilization:  a bridge!
A very picturesque stream and bridge!

The Gleniff Horsehoe isn't a horse's shoe at all, but a six-mile loop of scenic roadway - a single lane with turn-outs so you don't kill anyone.  It takes about an hour to navigate by car.

Stay tuned for more posts on Ireland in the future!

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