Friday, June 22, 2012

Unexpected Surgery

My nephew-in-law Jeff in the hospital
Jeff was a poor baby this past week.  He had a bit of a scare when one of his lungs collapsed.  It had happened to him before - 10 years ago, when he was in high school - so he knew what it was.

This macho guy stoically drove himself to the hospital, where he had surgery the following day.

Fixing a "flat"
Luckily, procedures have changed in the last few years.  Doctors did surgery to help correct the problem, which is more common than you'd think.  Without the surgery, he'd be 60% more likely for this to happen again.


Jeff made it through the surgery with flying colors and is doing great!  He's recuperating in the hospital where they are re-inflating his lung.  Ouch.  I bet that hurts.

Come August, Jeff and Linnea are off to George Washington University for Jeff's schooling in GWU's Physical Therapy program.  George Washington University is in Washington, D.C.  (Those in the know, say, GWU is in D.C.  You are cool if you know this.  This is a little known fact.)

Actually, if this had to happen, I'm glad that it happened while they were still at home and in familiar circumstances.

Glad you are doing fine, Jeff!  After all, you are my favorite Nephew-In-Law.

My only Nephew-In-Law, but a favorite nonetheless.  After all, who would I play Settlers of Catan with if something happened to you?

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