Friday, June 29, 2012

The Trouble Twosome

Another day in the life of Jack's brothers, Leo and Piper, who live with Jack's Uncle Mark and their step-brother Nimitz in a far-away land.  Trouble is more than just their middle names!  It's their life calling.

Leo and Piper
"Well, Bro... what shall we do today?"

"Let's do the same thing we do every day!  "

"Try to take over the world?"

"Naw!  Get into trouble!"

"This time when Dad goes on his trip, we'll go with him!"


Piper, Leo and Nimitz "Helping"
The trouble twosome become a trio as Nimitz helps the boys in their sneaky plan!

"Okay, somebody's got a camera.  I think we're BUSTED."

"Hey, Leo, does this mean we're not going?"

Piper and Leo
"Yer not fittin', Bro!"

It appears that modern suitcases aren't really suited to cat packing... Even with Piper's coaching, Leo isn't fitting very well into the bag.  Hmmm.

Looks like they'll be staying home yet again!

At least we tried
"High five, Bro!"

"I got my passport and everything," Leo grumbles.  "Just wait 'til next time!"

But right now it's time for a snooze....

And so concludes another adventure of the Trouble Twosome, er, Trio...