Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Jack's Been Sick

Jack sporting a cone head and a spiffy red bandage over his catheter
Poor Jack.  Last week wasn't much fun for him!  He was coughing and throwing up for days and stopped eating and drinking.  This caused his human a lot of concern.

And we took several trips - several being four - to the vet.

Jack got used to taking trips in his carrier.  But he didn't like it.

Jack's Mom didn't really get used to it at all... I'm not sure who is more stressed at the vet: me or Jack.  It's concern and love for my pet multiplied by the concern for the contents of my wallet.


The love for my Jack trumps the wallet every time.  There goes that summer home in the mountains...

Jack really handled it well, though.  He was very meek at the vet.  I think he realized we were trying to help him.

It's always distressing to hear something like, "Your cat is in great condition.  His heart, lungs and temperature are normal.  His fur is beautiful, his eyes and ears are clear."

"Then why is he coughing and gagging all the time, stress breathing, and not eating and drinking?"

"We don't know."

X-rays didn't show anything foreign blocking Jack's airways or in his tummy.  His blood work came back normal, except for a few abnormalities in his liver enzymes.  It also showed that he was dehydrated. We went from there.

After a couple of days on an I.V., Jack was feeling lots better.
Jack had a boo-boo where the catheter had been
It appears that Jack may have asthma and/or allergies.  We're still working on that.

While Jack was getting his I.V. treatments at the vet, I went around cleaning all his favorite places, including his food and water bowls.  We may have found the culprit in some mold lurking in his water dish.  Yuck!  You couldn't see it, but when I stuck my nose in, I could sure smell it!  Yikes.  I immediately replaced the ceramic water dish with a stainless steel bowl.  I also changed his food brands, just in case he was having a reaction to the brand of canned cat food he was eating.

All these things seemed to have helped.  My little guy came back from his second day on an I.V. at the vet's with a lot more energy.  He gave me a big hug, got something to eat and drink (Hooray!), and then wanted to play.

What a relief!

I think we're out of the woods.  At least he's back to eating and drinking  He was even fairly playful after he'd had some rest.  He's still coughing a bit, though. But not like it was.  I'm breathing better, myself, just knowing he's feeling better.

After our follow-up appointment yesterday (our 5th visit to the Vet in a week!) we got some kitty asthma medication to help Jack in the future, if he has another attack.

Maybe you really don't realize how much you love someone until they're gone.  I just know the house was so very lonely without my little boy.  He may not make a sound (he's a stealth cat and doesn't even meow), but his presence is sure comforting.  When he's not here, the house just doesn't feel the same!

This morning I noticed he was running races around the living room and bedroom like a lunatic.  Lunatic running is good!  I think Jack is feeling more like himself.


Love you, baby.  Glad you're doing better.


Marybeth said...

So glad he's better!

Linnea said...

I never comment anymore because I always read in my email! But I had to make sure to come over today and tell you how glad I am that Jack is on the mend. Hope he continues feeling better!