Thursday, June 21, 2012

Meeting Miss Bianca

Barbara and Bianca Leia
After months of doing blog posts on Barbara's pregnancy, it seems strange that I had to wait nearly 2 months to actually get to meet this sweet little girl.  But since Barbara is still on Maternity Leave and I'm still on Medical Leave, Barbara was finally able to bring Miss Bianca over to meet me.

 Bianca was a little sleepy when we first met, but she really was adorable.  She has straight black hair that sticks up totally straight, giving her a bit of a punk look.  Mom had dressed her in an adorable ensemble, consisting of an orange monkey tee shirt and a little flowered skirt with attached pink panties.  She was so cute!  And really stylin'.

Tia Maria Anna and Bianca getting to know each other
Bianca wasn't sure what to think about the weird lady who was feeding her (above).  She just kept staring while the weird lady talked and even sang to her.

Well, you have to sing to a baby named Bianca, don't you?  The lyrics that immediately came to mind were these:

Bianca, Bianca!  Oh, baby will you be mine?
Bianca, Bianca - you'd better answer 'yes' or papa spank-a
To win you, Bianca, there's nothing I would not do
Why I would even give up coffee for Sanka
Even Sanka, Bianca, for you

Yes, those lyrics come from "Kiss Me Kate", one of my favorite musicals.  (If  I've quoted them incorrectly, I apologize.)  Sadly for those around me, when I see a baby, I almost always have to sing.  And speak to them in Norwegian.  Babies need to be spoken to in the language of the Vikings... and Santa Claus.  In my universe, it's the LAW.  This is a little known fact.

Barb and Bianca at Dennys enjoying lunch
We ended up having a bit of lunch together at the local Dennys.  We managed to hit it right after the main lunch crowd, so we had the entire back room to ourselves.  It was nice and quiet and we had a great talk.

It was so good to see Barbara!  And I was so happy to finally meet little Bianca.  I think she's great.  And I predict she will be a beauty, just like her mom.

I kept thinking how I don't envy all the things she's going to have to learn about life.  She's just 2 months in to this mortality stuff, and there are lots of challenges to deal with along the way!  But Bianca has a great family and lots of friends to help her through.  One day at a time, Bianca!

Welcome, little one.

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