Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Leaving Ottawa

This is my nephew Daniel
My nephew and his family are saying good-bye to Canada this week.  They'll soon be winging their way to Utah for a much-needed home leave in the bosom of their family!

They recently caught an Ottawa Senators hockey game, where these photos were taken, because you need to see a hockey game before you leave Canada.  It's the law.

Livia is distracted as her mom tries to get her to pose for a photo
I have to admit I'm very excited about seeing them again!  I will finally get to meet Livia for the first time - and, of course, little Olaf who is now 2 months old!

The Ottawa Senators on ice
This is little Olaf.  He is adorable. 

Olaf at two months
I told them to expect a lot of hugs and kisses from Great Aunt Marianne when I see them at the end of the month.  I hope they're bracing themselves!
Daniel, Fred, Holly and Livia

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Marybeth said...

So glad you get to see them!!