Friday, August 7, 2015

Jack Versus the Minions

My company's Corporate Marketing Director has an entire collection of Minions (from the Universal Studios and Illumination Entertainment films) in her office.  When I saw her collection, I knew I must have some too!

So, I proceeded to acquire a few.

You know, just for my desk.

"Helloooooo Papaguena!  Tu le bella comme le papaya!"
I made the mistake of leaving the tote bag they were in, unattended, in the living room.

Next thing I know... Jack had sneakily gone through my tote bag and wrestled one of the minions out of it!  

Jack finds the Vampire Minion very very interesting.
It was the purple Vampire minion.  Perhaps he is partial to the color purple, just like his namesake, Jackie, who helped rescue him and his family from the mean streets.

Take that you weird little minion!
Luckily for Jack, it was in its original packaging.  That made it more interesting to carry around and play with... and prevented the minion from coming to any actual harm from the ferocious Jack creature.

Jack with his spoils, contemplating what mischief to get into next
I flicked the switch and made it talk for Jack. He thought that was VERY interesting - especially when it yelled, "Ta-Da!"

Jack liked it.  Cool.

I had fun watching Jack play with the little guy, but then it was time to take them to the office. There they sit by my computer screen and help me get through my day, with the aid of a little stripy cat they have adopted.

The Team at work

So, it you suddenly hear a strange voice from my office say, "Helloooooo, Papaguena!", you'll know who to blame.

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