Wednesday, August 13, 2014


My nephew Daniel probably wasn't trying to neener me with these photos, but he succeeded in making me yearn for some precipitation!

Now, this is RAIN.  Capital R.  Rain.  Real RAIN.

I can't remember the last time it really really rained here in Southern California.  The paltry few drops we got the other night hardly count.

I blame my love affair with rainy days on the fact that I have spent most of my life living in the desert where rainy days are few and far between.

These pictures just make me want to dash into those streets and run around until I get totally soaked.  Unless it's cold rain.  If it's a cold rain, I may rethink that last bit.  Oh, I'd still run around in it, but I'd probably bring an umbrella.

For those of you who, like me, might not remember what a real rain looks like, take a good look at these photos.

Yes. (nodding my head sagely)

This is real rain.  Some people actually do get it now and then.  (Some more than others!)

I'm doing my little rain dance as I type this.

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