Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Go Speed Racers!

Each August our company hosts a company-wide picnic.  This year the picnic was actually held indoors at the K-1 Speed go-kart racing facility in Anaheim.

It was a lot of fun.

My co-workers
Derry, Bruce, Alan, Ana, Joe*, Juan, Walter, Sabrina, Edward, Carlos, Ulysses and Bianca
and three unidentified guys on the podium
I work with great people.  Surprisingly, out of six company offices, our Monterey Park location employees did very well as racers.  Perhaps we're just more competitive than the rest?

The karts are green, eco-friendly electric karts that can go up to 60 mph!

My little friend Ava came in 3rd in the kid's division!
Not bad, Ava!
I was thrilled that my little six year-old friend Ava (who has been featured on these pages before) placed third against some much older kids!  Way-to-go Ava!

Sabrina, Ana and Ivy
You go, girls!
These lovely ladies (above) are all in my office.  Sabrina is a marketing coordinator (just like me but with excellent graphic arts skills).  Ana is an engineer and Ivy is a planner and GIS specialist.

I really enjoy my co-workers.  They are a great bunch of people.

A good time was had by all!

*not his name

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