Friday, August 8, 2014

Jack's Latest Photo Shoot, or Blur of Fur, as I Prefer to Call It

Mo-o-o-ooom!  Another photo session?
"Okay, Jack... if you could just hold that sweet face still for a moment longer..."
Trying to photograph a little kitty is not easy.

You may not have noticed, but they are always in motion.

Okay, maybe you have noticed.
Whassat?  Squirrel?  Crickets?  Ninjas?
"Trying. To. Photograph. You.  Hold still!"
I thought we were fairly safe the other day when I started snapping away.

I was wrong.
I could have sworn I heard something... Really.

Okay.  We'll try again another day...

Thanks for your understanding - and have a great weekend!

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