Thursday, May 15, 2014

Throwback Thursday - My Mom and her Family

The Strand Family: Top row: Per, Anne-Berit, and Knut; Bottom row: Sigrid, Inger-Mari (aka Lillemor) and Einar
This is my mother's family. They lived in Oslo, Norway. This photo was taken shortly after World War II ended (circa 1946 or 1947).  My mother is standing in the back between her two brothers.

I have wonderful memories of my mom's family.  My grandparents were terrific people, who raised good kids.  I miss them all.

I love the clothes!  My mom said they'd all lost so much weight during the war that their clothes were very loose on them. You can see it most on the men with the way their suits hang.

I still have the pin my grandmother is wearing.

During the German occupation of Norway, my grandfather was arrested by the Gestapo - twice.  He was also the Branch President, or leader, of the small congregation of LDS people throughout the war years.

They had a lot of colorful stories to tell concerning their adventures during wartime Oslo.

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