Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Luis removing the old fan
There are few things more terrible than having your ceiling fan die in the middle of a heat wave.  It's been warm here - like, in the 100s  - the kind of warm temperatures which I don't handle very well.

That's why I no longer live in Arizona, folks.  I'm a wimp.  I prefer the milder temps in California.  We at least get an ocean breeze now and then.  But Mother Nature hasn't been cooperating lately and we've had some record temperatures.  hooray.

So, I recently had to buy a new ceiling fan to replace the one that would barely move, much less generate any air.  A quick trip to Home Depot remedied that.  Then, I called the apartment handyman to have him install it.

There are few things more scary than having a 70+ year-old man install a new ceiling fan!

In Luis' defense, he is physically fit and does not get dizzy on ladders.  It still scares the heck out of me to see him on one.  Luckily for the both of us, he brought a younger, stronger, man to complete the job.  Phew! Had me worried there!

Things are A-Okay once more in the fan department.  Jack and I have been enjoying the cool breezes.

We have air!  Huzzah!

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Linnea said...

I love your wall color. :)