Thursday, May 15, 2014

Luna Celebrates Mothers' Day

Don and Luna Chatting about Mother's Day
"So, " Don said, "What do you think we should do for your human mom and grandmother for Mothers' Day, Luna?"

Luna thought a moment.

"We need to do something special," she said, laying a soft paw on Don's arm for emphasis.  "I really love my mommy, and grandma is the best."

"Okay, then, it's settled," said Don.

He helped get out the pretty placemats, silverware, and glasses so Luna could set the table.

Luna carefully adjusted the forks and knives
Luna tried her best to make everything look really nice.

She went to great lengths to place everything just so.  She wanted everything to be special.

Luna likes sitting on Grandma's lap.  She knows that Grandma likes it too!  So, part of the special day included some cuddling.

Ruth with her furry granddaughter, Luna.
The day also included very beautiful flowers.

Luna liked the flowers, too!

Luna, Meldee and Chief
Luna's adopted brother, Chief, liked the cuddling part the best.  He is such a boy, thought Luna!  He just showed up for the photo ops and pretended he had helped set the table.

He wasn't fooling anyone!

But Luna was very forgiving.

Luna, Meldee and Ruth
Luna really liked this picture the best.  It shows all three generations of her adopted family.  She liked posing for the camera. It made her feel very special, too.

What a nice day!
Taking turns over Grandma's lap
Both Luna and Chief are big kids who don't fit very well into one lap at the same time!  Like all siblings, Luna and Chief argued a little bit over who got to cuddle the most with Grandma.  They finally took turns.

Luna's Grandma is 96 years old.  She looks pretty wonderful, doesn't she?  She is a lovely lady.

My beautiful friend Ruth
Luna had to agree that she had a pretty good Mothers' Day too!  It was a lot of fun.

"I did a good job, huh, Daddy?"
"You did a great job, little girl."


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That's adorable!. Thank you for including them in your blog.