Monday, May 12, 2014


Eugene with his cake
It's been my experience in my many years in the work force, that good bosses are few and far between. That's why it was especially difficult to say good-bye to one of the good ones.  My boss of six years, Eugene, recently took an early retirement.  His last day at work was May 2nd.  I told him that this was not acceptable, that he was supposed to hang around until I retired... but he wasn't dissuaded!

So much for my powers of persuasion.

Chief Operating Officer, Joel, gives Eugene a parting gift
 Eugene is one of those truly great guys that everyone likes and respects.  We were all sorry to see him go.

The cake says, "Thank you for your contributions to KOA's success!

Barbara and her sister Veronica
 Marie Callender's staff were very gracious.  They printed up a special menu for us, and even served the cake we brought in.  They were very nice.

The special menu
 Everyone had a choice of four items, which was nice.
I had a delicious Chicken Salad with a spicy ginger dressing

There was Marie's famous cornbread
All of the Los Angeles office and our Corporate office staff attended.

Stephen, Kevin and Kenneth
(You can just see company CFO Juan in the far right corner)
Managers also came from our other offices to honor our retiring boss.

Doug, Mujib, Frank,. Min, Chuck and Joel
 I love catching folks unaware with my camera.  They are perhaps not as thrilled about that.  In any case, it was a nice gathering and everyone seemed to enjoy the lunch.

Eric, Albert and Dodds
We made a few presentations to Eugene after lunch.

We gave Eugene an iPad
 There weren't any speeches, though!
Company President, Jimmy, with Ivy, Carlos, Steven and Kevin
I think most of us were pretty bummed to be losing such a good boss.

The cake was yummy
A bit of lunch and cake can't make up for that.

Farewell, Eugene!  May you have success in all that you do!

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