Friday, November 16, 2012

Puttin' On the Dawg

Trick or treat?
Please tell me it's not too late to share another batch of Halloween photos!  And if it is... well, I guess I'm going to post them anyway (so there!), because I have to share these.

My sense of cuteness compels me!

My niece attended a wonderful Halloween fashion show a couple of weeks ago, put on by a local Virginia Animal Shelter.  I just love these pictures

I hope they brighten your day, too!

She was just a bonny tavern wench...


Jess.  I ham a mighty dragon.  Ju watchin' out.  Hi eat you.  Two bites.  Ruff. Ruff.

Yeh, it's frickin' hilarious.  Can we go home now?

And it's Rover coming down the stretch!  The crowd is going wild! Will he win it?

Yup, I'm stylin'..
On the catwalk?  Whatchu mean? What cat? I thought this was a red carpet?

Rowf!  I'm my mommy's widdle lion.
I sure hope this is not considered animal abuse, because I really love it when they dress up little sweet critters like this!


And have a great weekend!

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