Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hidden Hawaii

Joyce models the Lime Shaved Ice Tongue
When I heard that my friends Paula and Joyce were heading back to Hawaii for a vacation around Thanksgiving time, I asked Paula if she wouldn't take some photos with this blog in mind.  What she ended up photographing are not the sights we usually see in postcards!  

Especially not Joyce's green tongue!  Aren't you glad I shared that?  Bet it made your day!  

Yup.  You saw it here first, folks.

So, how many of you already knew that shaved ice is one of the delicacies of the islands?  Raise your hands.

Okay, a few of you.

Lime shaved ice.
 It looks pretty wonderful and refreshing, doesn't it?  (Well, maybe not if you live somewhere that's cold right now!)

Canoe ride anyone?
This is a more typical scene.  Everything looks so green.  Let's go canoeing!

Hawaiian Gekko
Speaking of green... Paula caught this little guy zooming up a tree.  He must be a relative of the Mexican gekko who was featured in this blog not too long ago. It's funny how many reptiles have ended up on this blog, come to think of it.  I'm not a particularly huge fan of them, but apparently these little green gekko guys really get around, don't they?

Gekkos inspired this wonderful Hawaiian plaza pavement design:

Gekko patterned pavement
Looking down or looking up, Hawaii is full of wonderful surprises.
Lanterns and lights
 These lamps are colorful.  As are the centerpieces:

Can you name this pink plant?  I can't.
That pink bloom looks like something alien conjured up by the prop department for the original Star Trek series.  ("What is it, Scottie?" says Captain Kirk. "I dinna know, Captain!," Scottie replies, "But I'm suddenly feeling like kissing Lt. Uhura!"  "Quick, Mr. Spock, get a reading on that pink plant-thing!" There is a warbling sound as Mr. Spock does a quick tricorder reading of the strange object. "Fascinating, Captain.  It appears to be a sentient life form...")

I love that tablecloth, too.

Of course, it wouldn't be right to post about magical Hawaii without the obligatory postcard perfect scene:

Paula's view from her Maui hotel room
Just another day in Paradise.

This has been your short tour of hidden Hawaii.

Thanks, Paula and Joyce!

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