Tuesday, November 13, 2012

EEZ Peggy!

Peggy, giving customer service a bad name...
Guess what?  I'm not totally done with Halloween, even though Thanksgiving is looming.  I just had to post this hilarious Halloween photo of my friend Peggy.

You know those funny credit card commercials showing a run-down apartment, and one guy - named Peggy - on the phone handling your customer service needs?  I believe this was a nationally run commercial, so if you live in the good ol' USA, you've probably seen it.  The guy has a thick accent, puts people on hold, transfers them to nowhere, drops calls, and when you ask him about your credit card 'rewards' points, you realize that you haven't earned any to speak of!

Well, my friend Peggy is always imaginative when it comes to her Halloween costumes, and this year she really made me laugh.  As she put it, "I just had to be Peggy."

Peggy as her beautiful self
Peggy is no stranger to making folks laugh.  She's done a few performances at a local L.A. Comedy Club, and is quite talented.

What I like about Peggy is that she's always up for anything, is interested in everything, and she's very kind and fun to be with.
Peggy (in the middle of the back row) with her comedy classmates at Flappers
Peggy's birthday is in the month of December, so it often gets lost in the holiday shuffle.  I decided she needed a little spotlight today.  Consider it an early birthday present, Peg.

Thanks for being such a good friend, and making me laugh!

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