Monday, February 29, 2016

Snacking with the Queen

Queen Elizabeth of England celebrates two birthdays every year.  She was actually born on April 21st, but her official birthday is a Saturday in June. She had her Jubilee year celebration in 2012 - one that marked her 60th anniversary on the throne of America's closest ally.

This year, 2016, however, marks another exciting milestone for England - the Queen's 90th birthday.  Yup, Elizabeth Alexandra Mary, Queen of England, turns NINETY this year.  She doesn't seem to be slowing down much, either.  She's an amazing woman.

The royal household is celebrating this extraordinary milestone birthday with all kinds of special events, including a pageant celebrating her life, an official birthday parade, and other activities, including releasing an official commemorative china tea set decorated with cornflowers and forget-me-nots - a hand-made, gold-plated, china set, I might add.  

The china is a bit pricey, so, I got my "Special Edition" Shortbread from Walker's on-line instead. It came in a beautiful (and reusable!) commemorative Queen Elizabeth tin:

I think I can appreciate American independence and still have a keen admiration for Queen Elizabeth.  She has been a dutiful, gracious, and intelligent monarch.  Then, again, maybe it's because my mother would have turned 90 last fall and I can relate to this woman who came from the same generation.

I kinda like my new tin.

The little Union Jack biscuits were quite tasty too.

Long Live the Queen!  (Because the cookies won't last at my house, that's for sure!)

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