Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Love In the Air

Nils and Rachel
Have you missed me?  I know, I know, I've taken a small hiatus, but I'm back now, here to wish you a very Happy Valentines' Day!

The big news around here is the recent engagement of my dear nephew Nils to a very lovely young lady named Rachel.  This was not unexpected, and all of us - the whole kit 'n caboodle of our family and friends - couldn't be happier.

Oquirrh Lake
This (above) is perhaps not the most idyllic place for an engagement setting, especially in the dead of winter, but Nils and Rachel had their first date on Oquirrh Lake.  They went kayaking there during the summer.  So, it is a place that has special meaning for them.

Recently, they visited Oquirrh Lake again, and took a romantic evening walk around its frozen confines.  To Rachel's surprise, Nils suddenly dropped to one knee.

Yeah, you know the drill.  (Insert romantic string music here, and some of these red things...)

Rachel said, "Yes!"

A small token of his LOVE
Rachel is now sporting a small token of Nils' love and commitment on her third finger, left hand. Okay, not so small.  That rock is gigantic.  Way to go, Nils!

I'm so happy for them.  They make a great couple.  Not only that, but Rachel fits in so well with our family.  She's a beautiful and intelligent addition to our clan.

That's the happiest, most welcome news I've had in a long time, so I had to share with all of you.

I hope you all have a lovely Valentine's Day-President's Day Holiday weekend.

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