Friday, February 19, 2016

Ren Faire Arizona Style

My dear friend Dianna and her cousin at the Faire
The Arizona Renaissance Faire takes place in Apache Junction, Arizona every year on Saturdays and Sundays throughout February and March.

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The Apache Junction venue is great because they have real facilities for their various venues, be it shoppes where artisans are selling their wares, restaurants for feasting, or entertainments.  It's a whole historical village ready to explore.

Morris Dancers at the Faire
I have to personally attest to Faire food being a terrific feast for the body, and if you've never seen an actual joust, now's the time!  Honestly, there's something about men on horseback trying to kill each other that's a lot of fun to watch.  Trust me.

Jousting in action!
I made my pilgrimage to Arizona not that long ago.  It was a funne tyme.

One of the unique features of this faire is a show called, "The Ancient Art of Falconry".  A variety of birds-of-prey show off their unique skills in this bird show without parallel.  Falconry was once the sport of kings. When you see this show, you will understand why. Some of these birds are endangered.  Believe me, they are magnificent.  This is a show not to be missed.

The Falconer showing his art
Also fun are the Ghazaal Beledi dancers.  They are an award-winning belly dancing troupe based in Phoenix and Tempe, Arizona who specialize in Middle Eastern Belly dance and East Indian dances.

Ghazaal Beledi World Music & Dance troupe
These are only some of the countless pleasures of the Ren Faire. This is a great time to visit Arizona.  It will be sunny and pleasantly hot.  (Arizona only has three seasons, actually:  Hot, Hotter and Hell.)  So, right now is a good time to visit.

Dianna and her faire-going cousins
The Arizona Faire is currently in its 28th season - time dost fly, doth it not?  Don't miss it this year!

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