Thursday, February 25, 2016

A New Table

When one moves to new digs, particularly new digs with different dimensions from the old one,
interesting things ensue.

I had become increasingly aware that my 40 year-old Norwegian teakwood coffee table was just way too big for my new living room, so I finally broke down and ordered a new one.

It arrived in a square-ish, flat box.

Surveying the contents of the box
I was grateful to have friends come help me put it together.  Not only could I not lift the box, I would never have been able to put the thing together by myself!

My good friends Mary Beth and Dan came to the rescue.

Mary Beth and Dan survey the pieces
It really is a beautiful table, with solid wood and a glass top.  It took about an hour and a half to get it together, however!

As a work in progress
 I told Mary Beth, "Just watch.  The cat will appropriate the shelf."
Going over the instructions one last time
Sure enough!  Although he was a little frightened of the new thing at first, Jack quickly realized this morning that the shelf was just the right size for him!

A cat under glass
Being in our new home has been an adventure for my little boy.

Hi, Mom!
It's been an adventure for me, too.

Hope your day is filled with good friends and a few adventures... and maybe a curious cat!

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