Friday, November 6, 2015

Mengzhao's Birthday Luncheon

Nikita (far left), Mengzhao (center), and Ivy (right)
The ladies in our office are truly great.  We have a fun time celebrating birthdays.  It turns out that Mengzhao's birthday is only a few days past mine!

She's a transportation planner in our office.  She hails from China and she's a really intelligent, hard-working, and great lady.

The gang perusing the menu
Since we had just gone to Ciro's in Boyle Heights for my birthday, Mengzhao chose a different Mexican restaurant for her luncheon.  This one was in Alhambra.
The salsa was okay, but not as good as Ciro's chunky avocado salsa!

Salsa and chips
I chose carnitas (roast pork) soft tacos with rice and beans.  They were REALLY good.

My coworkers chose a wide variety of dishes including a hearty beef and vegetable soup...

...and menudo:

Try as I may, I just can't bring myself to try that!  Maybe someday.

I work with some great ladies.  Wonder whose birthday comes up next?

Anastasia posing

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