Tuesday, November 24, 2015

An Heritage in the Lord's Service

These are my four nephews.  From left to right:  Daniel, Nils, Anders and Christian.

They are handsome dudes.

But more importantly they are intelligent, kind and good people.

They are men of valor and integrity.

I love them!  A Lot.

Daniel served as a Latter-day Saint missionary in Germany and Austria.  Nils served in Mexico. Christian is still too young  and Anders... he's coming home today.

This (below) is the boys' great-great-grandfather Nils.  He was the one who set the pattern on our Dad's side of the family.  He served two missions in his native land of Norway for the Lord. What's more, he served 'without purse or scrip'.  That's an old-fashioned way to say he had no money and no printed materials, like books and pamphlets, to help him.  He was a man of great faith, as was his wife.
My great-grandfather Nils (above)
This is my dad's family (below)

My dad, middle row, far left; my grandfather Axel, front right

My dad is in the middle row on the far left.  He served as a missionary to Norway, too. 

My brother also served as a missionary.  He broke with tradition when he was sent to the country of Sweden.  We forgave him!  (That is a joke.  He had no control over this.)

He sent me the selfie below last month:

He likes to play with funny settings on his camera.  This is supposed to look like a photo from the 1950s, and it succeeds very well!

Today Anders, my third nephew, returns from serving an honorable mission to the great state of Texas!

Anders, far left, attends a baptism
On Monday, my brother, Anders' father, wrote in his last letter to Anders:
Well, this is it. You have served faithfully for two years. You have blessed the lives of many people in Texas. I know this from the things you have told me and the photos you have sent. People's lives have been changed forever, and that would not have happened if you hadn't come on a mission. There is nothing better you could have done with your life the past two years. I am proud of you, son. I know the Lord is proud of you, too. I hope you feel the calm assurance of a job well done. 

I wish I could be there today as Anders arrives home and steps off that plane from Texas.  

There is nothing better than serving and helping our Heavenly Father's children wherever they may be in the world.

We currently have three young men serving our congregation in Whittier, California.

As they taught us on Sunday, I couldn't help thinking of my family's heritage of faith in God and service to His children.

Pickering Relief Society

It's something I'm very grateful for.

PS:  As I was finishing up this post, I got the word - He's HOME!

Elder Anders at Salt Lake Airport

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