Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween Weekend

My friend Charly Trick or Treating with Mommy and her little brother
I love Halloween.  What's not to love?  You don't have to buy people presents, and you get to dress up, act silly and eat lots of candy.  It's the ideal holiday.

Here are just some random photos from this year's Halloween:

A husky ballerina from my girlfriend's office in Utah
They had a costume contest in my friend Meldee's office in Utah.  I am always amazed by the creativity involved in a great Halloween costume!
Bee-yonce buzzed through a Utah office
Beeyonce won the contest!

Even the local nursing home got into the spirit!

My friend Meldee and her Witchy mom at the nursing home
 Meanwhile, back in California, along the beach, my nutty friend Lisa rode her Trikke in a Trikke or Treat run... as bacon.  She cracked me up with this one.
Bacon and Eggs at the Beach in Southern California
I'm surprised she wasn't attacked by hungry dogs.

The Peery kids: Wild Bill, Mary Poppins and Harry Potter
The kids in Whittier had a big "Trunk of Treat" party at church.  They all had fun dressing up!

My office held a Halloween Pot Luck.  I tried to put on some Goth make-up, but in this photo I don't look that much out of the ordinary!  Ha!  I tried.  Not my best costume ever, but it was still fun.
Me, trying to be Goth.... sadly, not my best effort this year!
My Norwegian 2nd cousins also got into the act.  Norway started celebrating Halloween fairly recently.  I think they should just be annexed as the 51st state and get it over with.  Here is my Cousin Layne doing the Uncle Festus thing... He's a funny guy.  He and his family also built a spook house this year.

My Norwegian Cousin Layne going for the Uncle Fester look
 At work we had a contest over who could bring the spookiest food.  Barbara won with her Mummy Dogs:
Hot Dog "Mummies" at the office party
The Mummy dogs were Yummy!

Nikita's Cookie Monster Costume (below) was really cute on her!  I loved the cookie monster hat - looking like it was going to eat her head!

Co-Worker Nikita dressed as the Cookie Monster
And... back in Utah, here are a bunch of neighborhood children looking strangely posed as if they were doing a shoot for Vogue.

Neighborhood kids in Utah
Love that Vader and Princess Leia!

My friend Ellen's grandkids (below) really got into the spirit too!

My friend Ellen's grandsons
Little boys always like to look ferocious, don't they?  Ha!

Across the country, in Virginia, my niece did a 5K "Ghost Run" and then took the baby trick-or-treating, showing much more stamina than I've ever had.

Three Blind Mice in Virginia: my niece and family 
Their "3 Blind Mice" costumes were adorable.  I love that little tiny mouse.  She's a great little kid.

Okay, I'm kinda partial to the big mice, too.
Love you meeses to pieces!
Hope you had as great a weekend as I did!

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Ellen B said...

Great post, Marianne. Loved seeing all the interesting costumes.