Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Baby Tree

A couple of years ago, our company stopped putting up a real evergreen tree at Christmas, and bought a fake tree.  I really have no major problems with this, as I am allergic to the real ones and they plug up my nose and make me sneeze.

My chief objection to this is they bought a tree that was rather pathetic.  It's kinda scrawny and not very tall.

This year, a co-worker came up with a brilliant holiday plan to make this pathetic tree more interesting. 

In response, management sent around a notice to all the employees that work here in the corporate offices, asking everyone to submit a handmade ornament.

The ornament had to have certain characteristics, though!

It had to contain a baby picture of the employee!

What a great idea!

At first we didn't know if anyone would respond.  The tree sat empty of any decorations for days.

Then, slowly, the tree began to fill up with handmade ornaments bearing photos of some adorable kids.

It's now become a game to see if we can figure out who everyone is!

There are some cuties in this line-up!

Oddly enough, when you find out who is in some of these baby pictures you invariably go - wow, you haven't really changed at all, have you?

It's been a lot of fun!

Hope you are enjoying this wonderful season too!

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