Thursday, December 4, 2014

Rain, Rain, and More Rain!

Looking southeast out over Monterey Park
We finally got some rain here in the Los Angeles area!  Real, steady, soaking rain!  I'm so very happy I can hardly contain myself!

Looking across the hill to the office building next door
It started on Tuesday.  It rained steadily and lightly all day, all Tuesday night and into Wednesday.

This verdant hill is home to lots of little critters of all kinds
And just when we thought it was going to be tapering off... it just poured yesterday (Wednesday) evening as well. I was driving home in it - very carefully, I might add - and it was coming down in buckets!

My office building sits on a hill, so I took these shots of the area around us through the office windows. It was such a beautiful sight to see everything rainwashed.  That hasn't happened in a long, long time.

A layer of foggy moisture envelops the valley below us
Last February the Latter-day Saints all over California held a Fast and prayed for the end to the three-year drought. I know others have been praying for rain, and an end to the drought, too. I can only hope this soaking rain marks the beginning of an end to our on-going drought situation in answer to those prayers.

This morning the weather man on TV said because of this soaking storm the last two days we've already greatly exceeded our normal rainfall amounts for this time of year.  What terrific news.

Keep praying!

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