Monday, December 15, 2014

Haul Out the Hollly!

My beautiful Swedish Sister-in-law, Kirsti, decorating the tree
We need a little Christmas!

My brother's family decorates the traditional Scandinavian way every year, with streamers of Norwegian and Swedish flags, just like they do in the "old country".

When the tree looked a little too Norwegian, my nephew Christian decided to remedy it!

Christian mischievously adding a Swedish flag to the Norwegian tree
It's been a battle fought at every Christmas that I can remember: which flag goes at the top?  The Norwegian flag of Jay's and my heritage, or the Swedish flag of my sister-in-law's?  Hmmmmm....

The kids have playfully made this a kind of Christmas game.

What a difference 3 years make!  Anders, a much shorter Christian and Nils with Santa in 2011
Since the above photo was taken with Santa in 2011, twelve-year-old Christian has grown a foot or two.  Anders (on the left) is currently serving as a missionary in Texas.  Nils (right) is finishing up his studies at BYU.

Ah, yes.  Being tall enough to plant the flag at the top of the tree is quite an accomplishment, Christian!

Way to go, Christian!

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