Tuesday, December 15, 2015

My Best (Feline) Friends' Christmas Party

Max looking jaunty in his bow tie
Every year my friends up in North Hills have a splendid Christmas Party.  This year's party was no exception.  Even the cat kids were all dressed up for the celebration!

My bud Max (above) was looking very dapper in his bow tie.  He is a favorite with all the girl kitties in the household.  He is a very charming cat with a big personality.  He is a favorite of mine as well.

Archie is trying to be 'the most interesting cat in the world'....
Archie (above) is a sweetheart.  He's close to my Jack in age.  In fact, my Jack, his sister and two brothers were rescued by the kind human ladies who also live in this household.

The Front Lawn Lights!
The house was decorated and lighted beautifully inside and out!

A Festive Atmosphere
You can tell the people who live here love cats!  And Christmas!  And cats.  And Christmas.

I think the kitties like it, too.

Kassie in her Christmas bow, nestled into her Christmas stocking
Kassie (above) looks very lovely in her bow.  She is posing demurely for the camera while three of her siblings watch, waiting their turn.

Kip looking dapper
Kip (above) is a cutie.  Kip won't sit still for very long!

Miles (below) is a good cat kid.  He also looks very debonair in his bow tie.

Miles doing a pin-up pose
I hope you have a little sparkle in your holiday season, too!

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