Thursday, December 31, 2015

Christmas in Beijing

Livia and Fredrik visit with Santa, while his Elf helper looks on
Our little China-based munchkins got to visit with Santa last week (was it only last week?).  Just to prove that Christmas isn't much different in Beijing than it is in other parts of the world, I'm posting these photos.

Baby Olaf didn't have much to say about the proceedings, but Santa seems to be getting a kick out of him!

Santa likes babies!

Olaf and Saint Nick
The children appear to be thriving over there on the other side of the world.  They are certainly growing tall.

It's nice to see that they are enjoying American cultural traditions.  Every kid should be able to talk to Santa.

Even if he scares the heck out of you.  Santa frightened me as a child.  How about you?

Livia and Fredrik talking to the Man in the Red Suit
It doesn't look like he frightened Livia, Fredrik or Olaf!  I'm so glad.

Hope you have a wonderful New Year everyone!

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