Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Veronica's Day

This is adorable, isn't it?
As fate would have it, my co-worker Veronica - who, by the way, is also the famous Bianca's Aunt (see my post of 9/12/14) - shares a birthday with my mother.

Veronica got a surprise delivery at the office from her fiancé that day: a teddy bear made of flowers.

Beautiful Bride-to-be Veronica and her birthday loot
Okay.  It looked like a teddy bear to me.  She says it's supposed to be a dog, because she has a little tiny Chihuahua named Taco whom she loves very much.

In all honesty, the flower bear, er, doggy... is about twice the size of the actual dog, Taco.  Which I think is rather funny.

Veronica and Evan are getting married on Saturday.


Today is her last day at the office until after the Honeymoon.  She has been remarkably calm about the wedding.

So. Far.

As the day wears on, all bets are off.

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