Monday, September 22, 2014

Teen Princess

Beverly, looking like a Disney Princess

I had never been to a Quinceañera before.

In case you don't know, a Quinceañera is the traditional Hispanic "Coming Out" party for a young girl on her 15th birthday.  

This was a special night.  Beverly was dressed like a princess in pink and her party was a really fun party!

There was a meal served, and all kinds of tasty things to eat and drink.  I came with my friend Evangeline and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

A lovely photo of Beverly sat at the guest book

Evangeline, Mark and Amy were at my table
Ellen and Janice sat right behind us
There were so many people there!

There was a Mexican crooner on hand to wow the crowd
The music was good.  The entertainer had a lovely voice.

The place was packed!
(This is just a small portion of the hall where the festivities took place.)
One of the highlights of the evening, for me, was the daddy-daughter dance.  I didn't know that Beverly's dad was such a smooth dancer!

Their performance was so nice.  It tugged at my heartstrings.  My own father passed away many years ago.  I found myself missing him.

After that, the floor was available for everyone to dance.

My friend Laurel was there.  She had a time keeping up with her little grandson, Noah.  He's a "terrible" two!  Don't get me wrong, he's adorable, but his energy is astounding and matched only by his curiosity for the world.  He moves FAST, and he was everywhere.  His favorite spot was on stage with the DJ.

Laurel's grandson Noah kept wanting to perform too
Beverly changed clothes during one portion of the evening, and she and her dad did another dance routine - a more modern one.  That was fun!
Beverly and her dad bustin' loose!
After that, Beverly, together with her sisters and their friends - all very beautiful young women - put on a fun dance number for us all.

My camera battery chose that time to die.  Dang!  I wanted to get a photo of them, too!  It ended up that the only photo I got of all of them just shows their backsides!  (Sorry, girls!)

Beverly surrounded by her sisters and girlfriends
All night long, photographers went through the crowd, taking photos of everyone with the birthday girl.  It was certainly a night for Beverly to remember.

Glenn and Angie with the birthday girl
 (see this blog's series on their 25th wedding anniversary trip to Europe in August)
This was such a fun evening!

Happy 15th Birthday, Beverly!

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