Friday, September 19, 2014

The Witch House

The Spadena House
Beverly Hills sports a lot of interesting architecture, but nothing that looks quite so much like a movie set than the Spadena House, also affectionately known as The Witch's House.

It's a Halloween worthy home of creepy and fantastic charm
It is located at 516 North Walden Drive in Beverly Hills, and is a great example of 1920s Los Angeles' Storybook Architecture.

The house was actually built for a silent film studio in Culver City back in 1921.  Designed by an art director named Harry Oliver, it originally housed the Willat Studios' offices and dressing rooms. When the silent film era gave way to the talkies, it sat empty for years.

Finally, in 1934 it was moved to its present location in Beverly Hills by the Spadena Family.  In 1998 it was lovingly restored by a local real estate agent named Michael Libow.

I'm sure the house looks better when we're not in a drought situation.  This style should be surrounded by lots of verdant greenery, and it's just too dry right now to do it justice.

I wonder if they get a lot of kids coming through on Halloween?

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