Monday, July 18, 2016

A Chinese Kitten

Livia and Sparkle reading intently
My grand-niece Livia lives in Beijing with her Mommy, her Daddy and her two brothers. (She's in the middle.) So, when her Daddy found a couple of abandoned kitties on the roof, she got her wish - her very own little kitten.
This is what kitties do!
Livia named the little fellow Sparkle.  He's a little cutie pie of a kitten.  As all kittens are!  He is also very brave.  As all kittens are!

"I think I can!"
Funny, he doesn't really look Chinese.

A Kitty smaller than the headphones
I don't think Sparkle knows how lucky of a kitty he is!

Sleepy Baby
He's very cute, and obviously very loved.  Sparkle is a very lucky Chinese kitty indeed!

Even Daddy likes him!
Daddy likes him too
What more can a little Kitty ask for?

Little Girl Kisses!

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