Thursday, June 30, 2016

Pickering Ward Dinner

My neighbor George looks pretty nifty holding that bouquet!
My Ward (congregation) is a fun and kind one.  We are like a big, extended family and always have a good time together.  On Saturday night, we had a dinner - a farewell to the delightful missionary couple from Utah who have been serving us with love and commitment for the last 18 months - as well as a summery fourth of July bash.

The place was packed!  The Allens can be seen standing in the middle, speaking with my neighbor Sheree.
The Ward provided grilled hot dogs and hamburgers, while everyone pitched in with salads and desserts.  There was so much good food there!

View of our table - Amy did the wonderful sunflower centerpieces
As always, there is a lot of chatter and catching up.  We have fun together.  If you look hard, you can see the tables set up with all the food along the back wall.

Our former Bishop, center, and his good wife (in green) were there

The atmosphere was festive
There was a bit of entertainment, too!  Below, you can just see me peeking from behind the piano.  Here the lady missionaries are singing with my neighbor Heidi on the guitar.

Yes.  I have lots of good neighbors!

The Sisters did a couple of numbers, and here the Elders are singing with them as I accompany them. These are such good kids.  They brought a wonderful Spirit into my home the night they came over to practice.  I love playing for them.

Some of these photos are mine, but I also stole a good deal of them from Maristella Boyle (Thank you!).
My favorite rambunctious kid, Noah, and his mommy

David with one of the Elders

Maristella and Emily

Emily, Jessica, Zairah and Sheree

Sister Judy and Maristella
I'm going to miss the Allens so very much!  It's like getting additional family for a year and a half.  I've loved getting to know them.
Elder Allen (right) and Brother Gonzales
Sister Mariner fashioned beautiful leis for both the Allens.  That was so thoughtful of her!

My neighbors Sheree and her sweet little redheaded cutie pie, Zairah
Our Sister missionaries are both from Canada - but from opposite ends: Vancouver and Nova Scotia!

The Sister Elders attacking Heidi
Come worship with us on Sundays!  You will love having these people in your life!

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Marybeth said...

This was fun! So glad you posted all this. The Allen's will be missed terribly!