Monday, May 16, 2016

Introducing Mr & Mrs Evensen!

Nils and Rachel exit the Salt Lake Temple as husband and wife
My nephew Nils is a new husband!  He and his lovely Rachel were sealed for time and all eternity in the LDS Salt Lake Temple on Saturday.

The iconic Temple of Salt Lake City in the spring
The Salt Lake Temple figures large in our family history.  Nils' grandparents and great-grands were married there.  (His parents were married in the Seattle Temple as Nils' mom's grandfather was a Sealer there at the time, if I remember correctly.  That's a lovely temple, too.)

The weather complied beautifully.  It had been raining buckets off and on for weeks before the wedding, but luckily, the sun came out on Saturday to aid in the picture taking.

On the temple grounds as newly-weds
I heard 70 couples tied the knot there that day!  It gets rather crazy in May.

The reception that evening was a lot of fun.  All sorts of friends and relatives came to congratulate the pair.  There was a huge crowd there.
Stepmom Merlene (standing) and Nils' second cousin Caitlin
My cousin Maribeth was there with her husband and daughter from Logan.  Caitlyn and her dad were taking off for Peru the following day.  They are visiting Machu Picchu and other historic sites in the lands of the Inca, celebrating Caitlin's recent graduation from college.  (Sounds like the trip of a lifetime!)
Cousin Maribeth, Merlene and Maribeth's husband Alvan
Also on hand was a dear old friend of Nils' dad's.  Jay and Paul grew up together in Phoenix.  Paul came by with his wife Ann.  I have fond memories of Paul's mother, who is a fabulous musician and gave me my only lessons on how to play the organ many years ago.

Merlene with an old friend from Phoenix: Paul and his lovely wife Ann
I'm grateful that Merlene sent me the random photos of the reception!  I'm sure more photos will surface in time.

Rachel and Nils are boarding a Disney cruise ship in Florida as I type this.  They are off on a Disney cruise of the (real) Caribbean!

Sounds like a fabulous honeymoon for two really great young kids.

I wish them all the best.

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