Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Great Paper Airplane Contest

Barbara, Veronica, Carlos, Vincent, Anthony and Carmen gear up for the competition
Last week our office had a contest.  A special kind of race.  A PAPER AIRPLANE smackdown!

Brian, Doug, Mengzhao and Frank have their airplanes at the ready
It was a simple concept, really.  Make a paper airplane out of one sheet of plain paper.  No cutting or tearing of the paper was allowed.  Fly it from the marker in the corridor and see who can stay in the air and fly the farthest.

We had a long hallway as our race field.

Frank G's plane makes a disappointing crash landing
Everyone who participated had to make their plane in full view of other participants, in the conference room.  Then, they got two tries to fly the plane down the long "airstrip".

Frank B's plane fared little better
Employees were strategically placed along the corridor to judge on range and height of each throw.

Carmen, our receptionist, tosses a winner!
Amazingly, it didn't take an engineer to make the best plane, or to throw it the farthest.

Barbara gave it a good try
This was a lot of fun, whether you flew a plane or not.

I caught Vincent's plane in mid-flight!
I'm glad so many of our employees got into the action and participated.

Nikita photoing the attempts
Amazingly, some of the best engineered planes went awry.  If you look closely at the photo below, you'll see one plane stuck into the ceiling tiles along the wall!  That was pretty funny, actually.

The aftermath: The floor was littered with the remains of the paper planes
A good time was had by all.

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