Tuesday, January 5, 2016

May the Force Be With You

My coworker and good friend Barbara came to work one day just to get a few things done.  She was was only supposed to be there for a few hours, so she wasn't too worried about her attire.

She had kept her jacket on, until someone noticed a bit of logo showing below the bottom hem. Then she finally did a full disclosure Big Reveal (above)!  I had to laugh.

Yup.  If you are a huge Star Wars fan, as I and many of my friends are, you will understand. Christmas vacation, for me, included a sojourn to the theatre with a good friend to see The Force Awakens.

Selfies att the Theatre to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens!
It was great fun!

Then we headed off for some lunch.

Lauri in her 'hand model' mode showing off the pepper
We were at the Regal theatres in La Habra, so we just crossed the street to the local Applebee's. We had a REALLY good lunch.  I ordered a Thai Shrimp salad that was yummy.  Lauri also enjoyed her salmon (above).


Doing lunch and a movie, or a movie and lunch, or dinner for that matter - with friends, is one of my favorite things! This was a great way to spend a day of Christmas holiday.

Hope your 2016 has gotten off to a terrific start.

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